Working in a dental office is a fulfilling career, and becoming a dental assistant is an excellent path to pursue. As a dental assistant, you will work alongside the rest of the dental staff to help with patient care and keeping the office running smoothly.

Dental assistant and dentist with a patient during a dental cleaning.

1. Becoming a Dental Assistant has a Quick Training Period

The training to become a dental assistant is relatively short compared to other opportunities in healthcare. Many training programs are under one year for dental assistants and offer flexible schedules that can be completed around your other responsibilities. This means that you can go from training to working quickly and begin a new career while still working and tending to life’s responsibilities.

2. You Won’t Need to Take on a Lot of Debt

Unlike entering a long program or a four-year university, dental assistant training will not cause you to incur a large amount of debt. The cost of many programs is very affordable, and because you are able to keep working during your training, you will likely not struggle financially while you prepare for your new career.

3. Dental Assistants Have an Excellent Job Outlook

Dental offices are very stable places to work. The need for dental work continues to grow, and the job growth in the dental field is keeping pace with this need. Qualified candidates will find a job in a dental office without much stress, particularly after a successful internship as part of the program. When you complete the training period for dental assisting, you will have excellent job prospects. You will be able to work in any state you choose and there will always be a need for your services.

4. Dental Offices are Excellent Environments to Work In

Dental offices are clean and efficient with well trained staff. A clean environment, where the rooms must be kept sterile but the patients who come through are generally healthy, has a much lower incidence of sickness than other medical offices. Although the job is fast-paced and busy, you will not have a great deal of stress. Dental assistants will work with dentists and hygienists during treatment and will assist with procedures, and will have plenty of patient interaction. The days are full and always interesting, and you may have the option of a flexible schedule if you find the right office to work in.

5. Opportunities for Career Advancement

Once you begin working and gaining experience, you will have the opportunity to further your career through additional training. Some dental assistants will make the move to a more specialty office, and some will choose to further their training to become a hygienist or dental lab tech. As you achieve your certifications and add additional training and education, you can increase your salary and responsibilities, even if you choose to stay in your current position.

When you work as a dental assistant, you will know that you are helping patients and that is a good feeling. You’re also making their dental experience as comfortable as it can be. You will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the patient’s experience. You will have a stable, fulfilling career that can be achieved in just over a year of training. The benefits of working in a dental office are excellent, and it is a smart choice for a new career. If you’re ready to learn more about this exciting career, or you’d like information on how to enroll, contact South Florida Dental Assisting School today!