When you are working at the dental office front desk, you are the face of the practice. Patients will interact with the dental office front desk staff before they encounter anyone else in the practice and you will set the tone of their visit. The dental field is rewarding, challenging, and growing, meaning that you will have a career that has good job security, a good salary, and will provide you with an interesting and satisfying career. For these reasons, you’ll find that dental office administration is a very rewarding career choice.

Receptionist talking on phone at countertop in dental office.

What Will You Do at the Dental Office Front Desk?

You will have many tasks to keep you busy at the front desk. As a dental office front desk assistant, you will likely answer phones and schedule appointments, communicate with the dental staff about patient needs, create reports, handle insurance billing, document treatment plans, and answer questions from patients about the practice. 

What are the Benefits of Dental Office Administration?

Dental offices are busy and front desk assistants will always have something to occupy their time. As a front desk assistant in a dental office, you will meet and interact with a variety of people every day. As the first team member they come in contact with, you will have the privilege of setting the tone for the visit. If you put the patient at ease with a friendly personality and good communication skills, they will have less anxiety, and that is incredibly rewarding. On the practical side, dental office front desk assistants earn a very competitive salary, are in high-demand, and have excellent job security. Because dental practices keep regular hours, you will also have a predictable schedule you can count on.

What Is Front Desk Dental Office Training Like?

A dental office front desk training program is typically very manageable, even if you are already working and have family obligations. Here at South Florida Dental Assisting School, our dental office front desk training classes are held once a week for a period of 12 weeks and are very affordable. The classes will give students the knowledge they will need to understand and use dental office software systems most modern dental offices currently use. The training will involve how to manage and enter patient information and medical history, as well as treatment plans, how to process payments, how to handle insurance billing, how to create reports-both daily and end of the month, and how to create the reports the dentists will need. One of the most important tasks you’ll have is communicating to various people and patients over the phone, so we also teach you how to develop exceptional phone skills. With focused front desk training for dental offices, as well as the connections the training program can offer with dental practices in the area, students who complete the program are much more likely to be hired than those without dental office front desk training.

Although you won’t be responsible for patient care, it takes an entire team to keep a dental practice running smoothly, and that begins and ends with the dental office front desk assistants. You will have a steady, well-paying career that makes a difference and helps to make patients’ lives better everyday. Dental offices can’t run without a great front desk support staff, and if you’re interested in learning more about our comprehensive dental office front desk training program, contact South Florida Dental Assisting School today!