The dentists, hygienists, and assistants are important, but in many cases, the front desk staff at a dental office is what keeps the practice running smoothly with a good reputation in the community. The front desk staff is the first point of contact with patients, and their experience with the front desk staff and how efficiently and warmly they interact is what will let patients know that the office values their business.

Young female receptionist with client in a dental office.

What Makes the Dental Office Front Desk Staff So Important?

The front desk staff at a dental office is the first face of any dental practice, but they are more than just reception. This staff needs to understand how a dental office works and be able to wear many hats. Greeting patients and scheduling appointments is only part of the job. Dental office front desk staffers need to understand how to keep the office running smoothly, and understand record keeping, financial tasks, and scheduling efficiency. Dental offices are often fast paced environments that serve many patients. Those working at the front desk need to have strong multi-tasking and organizational skills to maintain such a tight operation.

What Does the Dental Office Front Desk Staff Do?

The dental office front desk staff has many responsibilities that all funnel into keeping the office running smoothly. Staff at the front desk of the dental office need to communicate well with patients both on the phone and in-person. They will need to manage the patient schedule, including scheduling all follow-up appointments. The front desk staff greets patients and communicates with the dentists and hygienists to let them know the patients have arrived, which keeps the workflow moving. 

The dental office front desk staff are also responsible for processing payments. They will often need to explain the billing and the percentage of cost required from the patient. Dental office front desk staff need to understand accounting software, insurance forms, bookkeeping skills, and credit card processing. In addition, they maintain and update all of the patient records, ensuring that the system is up to date with contact information, insurance information, medical information, and dental care plans.

What is Involved in Front Desk Dental Office Training?

While many offices offer “on-the-job” training, the most attractive applicants are those who have shown the initiative to complete a training program on their own. In a 12-week program, you will gain the necessary knowledge to use most dental software systems for scheduling, billing, insurance, and phone skills. You will learn how to balance efficiency with warmth to be a great first impression for the dental office you work in, and provide excellent administrative management that every dental office needs. 

Training will provide invaluable hands-on experience and help you become more familiar with the vocabulary you’ll need to better understand dental office procedures. Dental office training will also help you make the right connections to find a job as dental office front desk staff quickly once you complete the program.

A dental office front desk career is excellent for team players who enjoy working with people and thrive at multitasking. Whether in a general office or a specialty office, being prepared with a respected training program certification under your belt will give you a big advantage when applying for jobs. If you’re ready to start a new career with competitive wages and benefits, contact South Florida Dental for more information about our programs.