With the right training, anyone can become a successful dental assistant. Becoming a dental assistant is a great way to start a new career with a bright future. However, there are certain qualities that will make you stand out as you begin your job search after training.

Dentist and dental assistant with a patient.

Becoming a Dental Assistant 

Dental assistants work closely with the dentist everyday. A dental assistant needs to have the right training to take on this role. As a dental assistant you will prep the treatment rooms, assist the dentist with exams and procedures, and speak with patients about their care and recovery. Dentists rely on their dental assistants to be welcoming, efficient, and to help put patients at ease if they are feeling nervous. Dental assistants will also document the treatments and update patient charts so the dentist has the most up to date information.

What Kind of Person Makes a Great Dental Assistant?

Becoming a dental assistant means developing the right essential clinical skills, but there are certain characteristics you may already have that help make a great dental assistant. Dental assistants need to know how to perform under pressure, manage their time well, and multitask as needed. Becoming a dental assistant means developing skills in:

  • Organization: 

Dental offices are face paced workplaces. A good dental assistant will always be prepared thanks to great organizational skills. In the treatment room, the dentist relies on dental assistants to have all the instruments and materials in the right place so they are ready for the patient. The dentist will also need to have quick access to any charts or x-rays, and being organized and prepared will make this easy.

  • Multitasking: 

Dental assistants need to be able to manage multiple things at once. While you are preparing or sterilizing tools, you likely be called away to assist in other ways. A good dental assistant is great at multitasking.

  • Communication: 

You will work with administrative staff, dental hygienists, dentists, and patients. A good dental assistant will be a great liaison between all the different people in the office. You’ll go from making small talk with patients to speaking about complex procedures, to describing care instructions, to understanding what the dentist needs from you.

  • Details: 

A discrepancy in the details is a big deal in the dental field. Becoming a dental assistant means honing your skills in paying attention to the details. This means you will focus on the details of preparing and putting away dental tools, sterilizing patient rooms, recording patient details, assessing the patient for pain, and making sure all tasks are completed timely.

  • Personality: 

Your job is to remain calm and collected with a dentist who is likely busy and patients that may be nervous. Becoming a dental assistant means looking at your personality to see if you can be the calming influence in the dental office.

Dental Assistant Training

Although many of these skills are simply part of your personality, all skills can be honed during your training. Dental assistant training programs can be completed quickly, helping you develop the clinical skills and hone the soft skills you’ll need to start a new career with a rewarding future. Many dental assistant training programs are affordable without the need for incurring a large amount of debt. This can allow you to get started right away. 

When you are ready to begin your dental assistant training, finding the right program is key to developing your skills and preparing for your new career. Contact South Florida Dental Assisting School today to learn more about how to enroll.