There are many different careers that you can pursue in administration, and many don’t require years upon years of education. Learning how to master the skills necessary for working as dental office front desk staff only requires 9 to 12 weeks of training, and is a very rewarding and fulfilling career to consider.

Smiling front desk staff greeting a dental patient to the practice.

What Does Front Desk Dental Office Staff Do?

If you work as a dental office administrator, you won’t be treating patients, although you will be interacting with them regularly. It’s your job to create a welcoming atmosphere and keep the office running smoothly. A training program will teach you how to manage all the tasks you’d be responsible for, including:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Navigating common dental office software programs.
  • Answering the phone.
  • Greeting and seating patients.
  • Filling out insurance forms.
  • Ordering supplies.
  • Preparing treatment rooms.
  • Returning patient calls.
  • Keeping track of patient files.
  • Communicating between patients, dental assistants, and dentists.

Skills Necessary For Dental Office Administration

Anyone who is planning to work at the front desk of a dental office will need to have certain soft and hard skills. If you have any of the following skills, you may be the perfect fit for a dental office administrator:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: Dental office administrators must interact with patients, insurance companies, and other dental professionals on a daily basis.
  • Organized and detail-oriented: Dental office administrators are responsible for a lot of administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and ordering supplies. As such, they need to be very organized and detail-oriented.
  • Strong computer skills: Almost all aspects of dental office administration are done on a computer, from scheduling appointments to filling out insurance forms.
  • Customer service experience: Dental office administrators must provide excellent customer service to patients and other dental professionals.
  • Multitasking abilities: Dental office administrators often have to juggle multiple tasks at once.
  • Compassion and patience: Dental office administrators must be compassionate and caring towards patients, especially those who are anxious or nervous about their dental appointments.

The Benefits of Dental Office Administration

There are many benefits to joining a dental office team.

  • Job security and stability: Dental office administration is a field that is always in high demand. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of turnover in the field, especially for those working in family practices.

  • Good pay and benefits: Dental office administrators typically earn a good wage and enjoy excellent benefits, such as health insurance and other benefits.

  • Regular social interaction: Dental office administrators typically enjoy a lot of regular social interaction with patients, insurance companies, and other dental professionals. If you like to interact with a lot of people, this is a great career to consider.

Is Dental Office Administration Right For You?

The decision of whether or not to pursue a career in dental office administration is a big one, but it can be an extremely rewarding one. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us at South Florida Dental Assisting School. We can answer any questions you may have and assist you in enrolling in our Dental Office Front Desk Program. Dental office administration is more than just an important job, it’s a fulfilling career. If you are a people person who thrives as a team player and you’re looking for meaningful work that’s more than just a paycheck, let’s talk today!