In many states, formal training isn’t a requirement to become a dental assistant. Those who are interested in becoming a dental assistant can get a position with on the job training. However, dental assistant training has many benefits, and more and more dentists are seeking qualified candidates who have had formal training. Not only will you be a more desirable candidate, but you will be more prepared to be successful in your new career right from the start.

Female dental assistant wearing a mask and writing on a clip board in a dental office

What Will I Learn in Dental Assistant Training?

During a dental assistant training program, you will have academic classes as well as labs to develop clinical skills. In this well-designed program, you will learn everything you need to know to work as a dental assistant. Classes and clinics include dental anatomy and physiology, dental charting, sterilization and infection control, dental X-ray techniques, instrumentation, dental materials, and clinical procedures. The curriculum is comprehensive enough to prepare you for any skill you will need in your work as a dental assistant. After you complete your training program and externship, you will have the skills and relationships to begin your work as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Training is Easy to Manage

It’s tempting to think of all the reasons you can’t go back to school for a better career. You might think you are too busy with your current life to add dental assisting training to your schedule. You might think you can’t justify investing in training, especially if you’re currently stuck in a low paying career. You might think that it’s just easier to find something where you can train on the job. But if you are ready to change careers, training to become a dental assistant will be well worth your time and investment. Many dental assistant training programs work with adults of all ages and in all stages of life. Dental assistant training programs will work with your schedule, your financial picture, and wherever you are in life. Many dental assistant training programs can be completed within a year while you are still working at your current job, and when you finish, you will be ready to enter a new and growing field with an attractive resume, great career prospects, and the promise of job security.

Becoming a Dental Assistant

Dental assistant training will prepare you to hit the ground running, which will give you the best start as a new dental assistant. This career has many advantages. Healthcare is currently growing quickly, and the dental field is a big piece of that growth. As the population ages, the need for dental care increases, and dentists are looking for additional staff to help manage their busy offices. It’s hard for busy practices to allocate time and resources to train new assistants, so hiring those with formal training is very desirable.

There is a high degree of job security, which is crucial in this economic climate. As a dental assistant, you will rarely be bored at work. You will always be busy with a variety of tasks and patient interaction. You will likely find that you’ll be busy, but you’ll be busy in a professional, ideal working environment. Dental assistants enjoy set hours and good schedules. After becoming a dental assistant through a dental assistant training program, there will be great income potential and the opportunity for career advancement. If you’re ready for a career change and interested in learning more about training to become a dental assistant, contact South Florida Dental Assisting School today.

Formal training may not always be necessary, but investing in your new career as a dental assistant will bring great rewards. You will begin a new career well prepared for any challenges you might face, and will establish yourself as someone who is dedicated to providing high-quality care for your patients. Becoming a dental assistant can happen in under a year with the right dental assistant training program.