Dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants need special skills and training to do what they do, but what about the rest of the staff? Dental office front desk staff training isn’t something a lot of people realize happens behind the scenes, but its impact is measurable. Formal front desk training provides the framework for efficiency, and dental offices wouldn’t be the same without it.

female dental office secretary smiling while talking on the phone

A Good Dental Office Front Desk Puts Patients at Ease

Many patients are uneasy when it’s time to visit the dentist, even if the appointment is routine. When a patient seems nervous walking into the office, the front desk staff can set the tone for a pleasant dental appointment. There are many characteristics that lend to this, but there are also skills that can be taught to create a strong front desk staff.

A Well-Trained Dental Office Front Desk Staff

There is a lot going on behind the front desk, and the tasks go far beyond that of a receptionist. Staff members answer phone calls, schedule appointments, keep charts up to date, update paperwork with new treatment plans, contact insurance companies, process payments, file forms and test results, and generally keep all the administrative aspects of the dental office running smoothly. Not all dental offices require formal training for front desk help, but more and more are transitioning to this way of hiring. On-the-job training has its place, but a dental office is busy and having new staff that can hit the ground running creates efficiency right from the start.

A Good Dental Office Front Desk Supports Patient Care

A dentist’s primary focus is, of course, on patient care. When the front desk isn’t running smoothly, it affects the daily workings of the office. An efficient front desk staff keeps patient appointments on track and makes sure the dental assistants, hygienists, and the dentists are well informed and on the same page. A high-functioning, well-trained front desk staff will allow patient care to be front and center for the dental care staff.

Front Desk Dental Office Training

A dental office front desk training program will not only hone the soft skills of customer service and organizational skills, but will give students an overview of the most common billing, insurance, and schedule software programs that are used by the majority of dental offices, giving those candidates a huge leg up. When you can demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to sharpen your front desk skills that are specific to a dental practice, you are telling the dental office you understand the importance of being well-prepared and are willing to put in the time and effort.

The dental office front desk staff is the first and last person a patient will see during their visit to the office. Although the dentist is doing the treatment, first impressions matter, and the dental office front desk staff will set the tone for the entire patient experience within the first few minutes. When the office is running smoothly, patients will be more likely to return on schedule, and share their positive experience with family and friends. If you’ve been thinking about training for a new career, but you want to be sure you’re putting efforts into an in-demand field, consider training for a dental office front desk staff position. To learn more about our comprehensive training program, contact South Florida Dental Assistant School today.