Administrative roles are available in nearly every industry, but not every office is the right fit for every job candidate. If you are working in an administrative role or have administrative experience, you may be looking for a way to use the experience you have to find a better job. It may surprise you to learn that working at a dental office as front desk staff can be a very rewarding career choice. The best part is you can transition into a new career as a dental office front desk administrator relatively quickly.

Friendly dental office front desk staff person.

What Does a Dental Office Front Desk Administrator Do?

Working at a dental office front desk means that you are the face of the dental practice. Patients will see you and interact with you before anyone else when they enter the office. The front desk staff handles the administrative work that keeps the office running smoothly. They will take many phone calls, schedule appointments, update charts, and document treatment plans. The dental office front desk staff will handle getting test results to the right people, file insurance forms, take payments, and make sure all billing is accurate and up to date. The dental office front desk workers make sure everything is organized, and they keep things running smoothly for the patients and staff.

The Right Skills

While the specific skills for a dental office can be addressed in the front desk dental office training, there are many other skills, referred to as soft skills, that make a great dental office administrator. A good dental office front desk administrator will have great communication skills, a pleasant personality, the desire and work ethic to be a team player, a positive attitude, patience, strong organizational skills, and excellent phone skills. Many of these personality traits cannot be taught, but can be a huge advantage to those looking for a good career as a dental office front desk staff member.

Investing in a New Career with Front Desk Dental Office Training

Front desk dental office training won’t take a lot of your time or a huge financial investment, but it can give you the right education to move your administrative experience and office skills into a secure career as a dental office administrator. The education you will need can set you apart from other administrators. In a dental office training program, you will learn about the software dental offices use, some basic information you will need to work in a dental office, and you will have the chance to hone your phone skills and other administrative skills. This training won’t require a big time investment for those who are working a full time job and have a family at home, but can be invaluable toward getting a new position in a dental office. The training is inexpensive, easy, and well worth the investment.

A new career as a dental office front desk administrator can be a great move for current office administrators who want a new career with a great job outlook. You won’t need many years of schooling or substantial student loan debt to find a new career in the dental field, and your soft skills of communication, positive energy, and great teamwork can help make it an excellent career! If you’ve been thinking about finding a stable, reliable career, contact South Florida Dental Assisting School today.