If you are considering changing careers and becoming a dental assistant, you are making a great choice for your future. Dental assisting is a fast-growing field with excellent job security and opportunity for growth. Once you’ve made the choice to become a dental assistant, you need to find the right program to get you started.

Patient sitting in dental office chair while dentist and dental assistant work on his teeth.

Why Become a Dental Assistant?

There are many advantages to becoming a dental assistant. You can go through a high-quality training program and have a new career in as little as one year without a huge financial investment. When you make the choice to become a dental assistant, you can start your training right away. Once you’re ready to work, you will have a great job outlook and job security.

Dental assisting is a fast-growing field, which means plenty of opportunity for those who are ready to get started. When you begin working as a dental assistant, you will work in a clean, professional, and busy environment. Your days will never be boring with the variety of tasks you’ll have as a dental assistant. Often, you can have a flexible schedule, but unlike a lot of other jobs in the medical field, you can also have stability in your hours and won’t need to worry about consistent last-minute changes. Once you begin your career, you’ll have the option to explore different specialties and advance your career if you choose to. The benefits are extensive and well worth the investment in a dental assistant training program.

Choose a High-Quality, Comprehensive Training Program

When you are looking for a dental assistant training program, you want a program that is reputable and comprehensive. Key elements to look for include:

  • Dentist Directed

During your dental assistant training, you should learn by doing in a fully functional dental office with qualified dental staff including an actual dentist.

  • Focused on Small Class Sizes

When the class sizes are kept small, you will have the maximum student-teacher interaction, which will ensure that you have a full understanding of the skills and techniques you need to succeed.

  • Comprehensive

Your dental assisting program should include all the skills and techniques you will need to begin work as a dental assistant, as well as optional expanded function dental assisting skills. Having the expanded function training on your resume will make you a much more desirable job candidate.

  • Flexible

Look for a program that offers classes that fit your schedule as a working professional. Many dental assistant students work full time while completing their DA training, and the right program will allow you to do that.

  • Certified

Your dental assisting program should be certified through your state Board of Dentistry.

The Right Program Leads to Success

Not every dental assisting program is created equal. When you invest in comprehensive training, your resume will stand out and you will become a highly sought-after dental assistant. Many training programs include job placement assistance and externships to allow you to network and find a job as a dental assistant almost immediately after you complete the program.

The easiest way to begin a career as a dental assistant is to get started as soon as possible! South Florida Dental Assisting School offers a comprehensive dental assistant training program that will teach you the skills needed to be successful in this field. To learn more about our classes and how to enroll, contact us today!