Dental administration is a great and fast growing career in the medical field. If you are interested in working in a dental office but want to focus more on administrative rather than clinical skills, a career in dental office administration may be for you.

Front desk administrator at a dental offce.

1. Front Desk Dental Office Training is Quick

While front desk dental office training isn’t always a requirement, it will set you apart and make you a much more marketable candidate than others without training. In as little as twelve weeks, you can learn the software and other skills necessary to hit the ground running as a dental administrator. Many training programs offer assistance in career placement, so you will have a short training time that results in a great resume of skills and a good head start in placement for your first job.

2. The Salary is Competitive

Dental careers, even at the dental office front desk, offer competitive salaries. Even entry level positions offer competitive salaries, and if you advance in your career to a dental office manager, you can earn a very competitive salary. In addition, because you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money in your training, you won’t be starting off with big debt as you might in other careers.

3. The Dental Office Front Desk is Fast-Paced and Interesting

No job is interesting 100% of the time, and there will be slower times, but working at a dental office front desk isn’t a job with a lot of time to kill. You will check in patients, pull charts, schedule appointments, call for referrals, and handle dental insurance and payments. You will often switch gears from one task to the next and will always be thinking ahead for how to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. 

4. Your Work Environment Will Always Be Clean

Like any medical office, a dental office needs to be focused on hygiene and sterilization. The dentist and dental assistants will make sure to keep the treatment rooms in great shape, but your workspace will also reflect that level of care. If having a clean place to work is important to you, working in a dental office is the place to be.

5. You’ll Have Great Job Stability

The demand for more dental offices continues to grow, and a dental office needs a good front desk staff. You will not only have stability in your new career, but should you ever decide to make a move, you will likely easily find employment elsewhere. Dentists are in need of high quality dental administrators.

6. You’ll Be Making a Difference in Your Community

You may think that it’s the dentist, hygienists, and dental assistants that make a difference to the patients, but the dental office front desk staff plays an important role as well. You are the first point of contact most patients will have with the office, and you set the tone for their visit. Many people are anxious about their dentist appointments, and you can put them at ease from the start. If you are calm, confident, and organized, the patients will trust the office, and if you are personable, you can start them off on a great note. 

There are many benefits to working in a dental office at the front desk. The training is quick, the investment is small, and the career outlook is excellent. In under three months you can begin a new and rewarding career in a dental office, so what are you waiting for? Contact South Florida Dental Assisting School to learn more about how to enroll and start your path to a new career today!