Working the front desk at a dental office is a rewarding career with a great job outlook. Although there is no official requirement that dental office front desk staff need to be certified, more dentists are seeking front desk staff who have gone through some formal training. Certified applicants are more likely to be dedicated to success for themselves and the office, and that’s very appealing to employers.

Receptionist wearing a headset to answer the phone, working on a computer.

Dentists Want Dental Office Front Desk Staff Who Can Hit the Ground Running

Dental offices are busy. While there is always time for an orientation to the office, dentists and their staff don’t have the time for a full training program that includes how to handle insurance claims, scheduling software, and basic dental knowledge. When dentists look for new front desk staff, they are more likely to seek those who have completed front desk dental office training. They know that these applicants will be ready to handle anything the front desk staff needs from them without a long and involved training program that takes staff away from their daily duties.

Dentists Want a Knowledgeable Team Leading the Office

The front desk of a dental office is a busy place. There is an endless stream of activity. The phone is always ringing, patients are continuously moving through checking in and out, insurance claims need to be processed, and patients have questions that need answers. The front desk staff really is the backbone of the practice. For the office to run smoothly, the dental office front desk staff needs to be knowledgeable, well trained, and ready to handle anything that may come their way. Taking care of the patients and their needs will keep the office thriving, and dentists need the right team to lead the office. Someone who has gone through front desk dental office training will be ready to handle anything thrown at them.

What Other Skills are Involved in Front Desk Dental Office Training?

When you go through front desk dental office training, you will learn everything you need to know to work the front desk, such as phone skills, scheduling software, and how to process insurance claims. These practical skills will get you ready, but there are also skills that will make you even more successful at the dental office front desk. These are considered “soft skills” that will make you a valuable front desk dental office assistant, and adding these skills to your resume is a great idea. 

  • Flexibility 
  • Patience 
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Welcoming Personality

Many patients who visit the dentist are nervous, and a kind and competent dental office front desk staff can help put them at ease. Your job will be to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to all who enter-both staff and patients alike. When you’re busy answering phones, checking patients in, and coordinating with other staff members, it can be hard to balance it all. Front desk dental office training can help you hone these skills and learn how to put them to use when working at a dental office front desk.

Front desk dental office training is quick, affordable, and can get you started in a new and rewarding career without taking on large amounts of debt or investing years in going back to school. Working the front desk at a dental office is a rewarding career with a great job outlook. Contact South Florida Dental Assisting School to learn more about enrolling in our front office training program.