When you are ready for a new career as a dental assistant, you need to find a program that will prepare you for success. Not every dental program is created equal, and you may be tempted to find a quick online program, but if you want to be successful as a dental assistant, you need so much more. You need to find a comprehensive training program that goes beyond the basics, providing hands-on training, coursework, and certifications tailored to prepare students for a successful career in dental assisting.A female dental assisting student smiles confidently in front of a dentist and patient.

What Skills Do You Need to Be Successful as a Dental Assistant?

Dental assistants play a vital role in the office and wear many hats. Dental assistants work with the administrative team in scheduling patient appointments and managing records, greet patients and prepare them for their dental procedures, talk to patients about what to expect, prepare the exam and procedure rooms and trays for the dentist and hygienist, assist the dentist during the procedures, take impressions and X-rays, and help clean and reset the room after the procedures are complete. To be successful, dental assistants need not only the knowledge of dental techniques and clinical skills but also the “soft skills” of organization and communication. Dental assistants need to be excellent at working with others and managing a busy schedule during their day.

Mastering Chairside Techniques

When you begin your career as a dental assistant, you must ensure that you are well-versed in chairside techniques. As the dental assistant, you are the link between the patient and the dentist. These techniques cannot be mastered by classwork or online training. Practicing dental assisting skills with actual patients will give you the time and opportunity to work on real patients alongside a dentist. When you learn these chairside techniques in an authentic environment, you can transfer the skills far more easily when you begin your career as a dental assistant. Instead of fearing failure when you start your first job, you will feel confident in your chairside techniques, understanding how to most effectively assist the dentist while providing comfort and support for your patients.

Honing Communication and Organizational Skills

While the dental knowledge you will learn in your coursework and the clinical skills learned during your training are essential, honing your communication and organizational skills can be as critical to success as a dental assistant. Dental assistants are the link between the patient, the administrative team, and the dental team and must be able to communicate with all three parties effectively. Any miscommunication or lapses in communication can cause significant issues, so dental assistants must understand how to best navigate passing information. Dental assistants often juggle a full schedule, with multiple patients, tasks, and responsibilities, and need to be able to organize their day in a way that allows them to be both efficient and effective. While these soft skills are not always explicitly taught, a quality dental assistant training program will help new dental assistants hone these critical qualities that will allow them to be successful.

The Right Balance of Hands-On Training and Coursework

While much of the knowledge needed to be a successful dental assistant can be taught in the classroom, it can be discovered on the job as well.  A quality dental assisting school understands the need to balance classwork and clinical hours. During coursework, students will learn the fundamentals of dentistry and the understanding of basic dental anatomy and hygiene. During their clinical hours, students will learn how to prepare patients for dental work, how to sterilize and disinfect instruments, how to set up instrument trays and prepare materials, how to properly work with X-rays, how to best assist with procedures such as applying temporary fillings and sealants, fabricating temporary restorations, taking impressions, and applying dental materials.

The Opportunity for Certifications

While obtaining certification as a dental assistant is not always necessary to find your first position, getting certified can make you far more marketable as a new dental assistant. Employers will recognize your commitment to the role and your proactive approach to your career. As you pursue your certification, you will build your professional network and contacts in the dental industry. You will hone your clinical skills by reaching the required hours and demonstrating the knowledge you learned during the coursework. A quality dental assisting program will provide the proper preparation for certifications and the opportunity for that certification.

Assistance in Finding Your First Job as a Dental Assistant

Finishing a training program and finding your first job as a dental assistant can be intimidating. Moving from the classroom to a lifelike dental office is a big step. A quality dental assistant training program will help you bridge that gap with externships, where you will develop the contacts you need and get the right hands-on experience. After you complete your training program, you can rely on the school to help you build your resume, master interview techniques, and find the right employers who are looking for dental assistants.

The job outlook is excellent for dental assistants with the proper training and skills. You can complete the training to become a dental assistant in as little as a few months, and many programs offer flexibility that allows you to train for a new career while juggling a busy life. When you are ready to be successful as a dental assistant, look for a program that will set you up best.

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