If you are looking to change careers, it makes sense to look for a career in high-demand with good job security. The medical and dental fields are some of the best career paths to enter, both as clinical staff and as a part of the administrative team. If you are a qualified dental office administrative assistant, you can get a great start in a new career.

Dental office receptionist standing behind the front desk speaking to a woman and her son.

What Does it Take to Work at the Dental Office Front Desk?

Working at the dental office front desk isn’t necessarily a difficult job when you look at the tasks individually, but to be successful at the dental office front desk, you need to be organized, efficient, and have strong communication skills. Although you won’t be doing any dental work, you do need to have a general understanding of dental terms, procedures, and equipment. You will need to talk to patients both in person and on the phone, understand the scheduling system, understand the billing system and how to process insurance claims, how to file dental records, alongside basic office tasks. When you work at the dental office front desk, you will be the first face many associate with the practice, and you need to be able to juggle all these tasks in an organized and efficient way.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Dental Office Administrative Assistant?

The benefits to working as a dental office administrative assistant are plentiful. As the dental field continues to grow, the need for more dental offices grows with it. The demand for quality staff remains high with no signs of slowing down. If you want to enter this fast-growing, secure, and in-demand field without taking on a clinical role, dental office front desk work may be the perfect solution. You will work in a clean and organized environment with regular hours, have a competitive salary with opportunity for growth, and will never be bored with the fast-paced day and variety of tasks to complete.

What is the Advantage of Front Desk Dental Office Training?

When dental offices are seeking a staff member for the front desk, having front desk dental office training will give you a significant edge. With a comprehensive training program, you will become  familiar with scheduling software, insurance processing software, report creation, and have honed your communication skills, particularly on the phone. Even without prior office experience, a front desk dental desk candidate who has gone through a training program will stand out. It will be clear that you are invested in your career and have put in the time to sharpen the skills you will need, requiring less training and disruption to the dental office when you begin.

Dental office front desk training can be completed in as little as twelve weeks with only a small investment in your future. Programs are flexible and can be completed around your current schedule, and job placement assistance is available when you are ready to launch your new career. If you are looking for an in-demand career and want to set yourself apart as a qualified candidate, a dental office front desk training program is a great place to start. South Florida Dental Assisting School offers an in-depth training program designed to prepare you for a successful career in the dental care field. To learn more about our program or find out details about how to enroll, contact our admissions team today!